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 Our General Construction Company is one top leader in Home improvement and home              remodeling,we are server in all New York metro area. providing the best services                      in renovation, restoration and home remodeling our teams are ready to help you to success    in you projects          

Custom Designs

We provide from common custom designs to fancy custom designs, Our specialist is ready to help you to success in you project.




Our company is highly specialized in top quality kitchen remodel

and new innovation in general construction and home remodeling.




our specialist and interior designer created unique styles

to fullfill you exclusive design to confort you live styles we have the most variate and esquisite bathrooms designs.



Marble Floors

We do all kind of Marble floors, kitchen bathrooms in variety colors and custom designs, polishing and refinishing, special counter top installation




Wood Floors

Our craftmaship is highly specialized in iinstallation and refinishing of wood floors



Borders Design

We do all kind of hardwood floors iinstallation and custom design, inlays and borders




                                                                              We are full License and insurance

                                                                                   we provide free estimates

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